About Milwaukee Rally

Club Background

The Milwaukee Rally Volleyball Club was founded in 2004 in attempt to lessen the stress placed on multi-sport high school athletes who want to continue to play competitive volleyball. With each sports season now stretching for the entire year, club founder Dennis Casey saw athletes forced to focus on only one sport at an early age. The goal of Milwaukee Rally is to lessen the stress on the athlete and family so that they may participate in their respective high school sports, as well as, Rally club volleyball.

Read more in a Letter from Club Director and the Milwaukee Rally Club Handbook.

Club Philosophy

Milwaukee Rally believes strongly that high school athletes should be able to participate in both high school and club sports. Milwaukee Rally recognizes that high school athletics in season have first priority from a scheduling and participation perspective.

Milwaukee Rally does its best to support multi-sport athletes by offering a flexible approach to club volleyball. Practices and tournament selection are geared toward reducing scheduling conflict for parents and players. Rally coaches aim to teach and train the sport of volleyball in a positive environment that emphasizes individual skill development and strong team orientation.

What Makes a Rally Player

A Rally player is an athlete who:

  • Always keeps a positive attitude
  • Is willing to be coached
  • Always desires to improve
  • Has team spirit, supports and respects fellow athletes
  • Always works hard strives to be the best they can be
  • Never says "I can't"